Short Breaks are undoubtedly a significant support to ensuring carers can maintain their caring role while maintaining their own health and wellbeing and having a life away from being a carer.

Depending on the extent of your caring role you may be eligible for support from the Health & Social Care Partnership.

At present, the Health & Social Care Partnership will provide support if your caring role is deemed to have a critical or substantial effect on aspects of your life such as your health, life balance, finances or key relationships

For more information on Adult Carers’ Support Plan please contact the Centre on 0141 638 4888
or the contact numbers for the Health & Social Care Partnership are –

Completely separate from any support received from the Health & Social Care Partnership we might be able to provide different support in relation to short breaks. Details of these are below

Time to Live Fund – with funding awarded through Shared Care Scotland the Centre can make a financial grant to carers (cared for person must be older than 21 years) of up to £250.

The grant will be personalised to each applicant but must be used to provide carers with a short break. Examples of recently funded breaks include:

  • Hotel breaks with the cared for person
  • Hotel breaks without the cared for person
  • Gym membership
  • Hill walking Equipment
  • Golf club membership
  • Holistic therapies such as massage and aromatherapy


The Carers’ Centre have entered into a partnership with Carefree to provide carers with access to unused hotel rooms and accommodation across the UK.

Carefree have developed a simple referral process but you must come through the Carers’ Centre. The breaks provided are throughout the UK and you will have to consider transport and other expenses such as dining. Please contact the Centre should you require further advice and information.

Carers can take someone with them but as the mission of Carefree is to provide carers with a break from their caring, you cannot take the person you care for.


Respitality is a short break programme managed in Scotland through Shared Care Scotland. It matches Scottish Hospitality Providers who are willing to donate or gift a short break, a day out, a meal out, a family experience or a longer holiday break for unpaid carers and their families and friends.

We are in the process of starting this in East Renfrewshire and are looking for volunteers to help us reach out to possibly donators.

Grants and donations

The staff at the Centre can identify grants and other resources that will support carers breaks, current examples include:

  • Carers Trust Grants Programme
  • Support in Mind – Creative Breaks
  • East Renfrewshire Good Causes