Talking Points

Talking Points are places in your community where you can come along and get information, support and advice about adult health, social care and community activities going on where you live.

The aim of talking points is to make sure that people in need of advice and support can get this easily with the most appropriate level of support being provided by the right person at the time it is needed.

For some people this might be a social worker or an occupational therapist, for others it could be a welfare rights advisor, a carers support worker or mental health advisor.

Talking Points will promote individuals community and voluntary groups and how these can complement the work of health & social care teams in east Renfrewshire

Talking Points will be held in venues across East Renfrewshire and the latest calendar of venues, dates and times can be found here (insert link)

Talking points adopt a model of Community Led Support.

The Community Led Support (CLS) programme is seeking to:

  • Be a catalyst to supporting ‘personalised outcomes’ and ‘effective conversations’ to be at the heart of transformational change in the HSCP and to embed these into staff and partner approaches to working
  • Develop more efficient and effective ways of dealing with demand for social work and community health services utilising broader family and community assets and supports
  • Develop more effective triaging and re-direction of potential users at first and subsequent points of contact
  • Ultimately, develop more local and bespoke service models where local demand is matched to local supply (statutory, voluntary or community)

More information on Community Led Support can be found at

CLS In Scotland

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